The Power of Bold Ideas - #Harden4ONDP


I’m a community organizer with deep roots in our city, and I’m seeking your support for the Ontario NDP nomination in Ottawa Centre. Let me tell you why. 

For over twenty years, I’ve organized with social justice groups both large and small. I fought to expand the Canada Pension Plan, defend human rights at home and abroad, and build local activism that delivers results. In doing so, I’ve learned powerful lessons about doing politics.

First, I believe in the power of local organizing, developing relationships of trust with community leaders, and building new leadership. I have seen first-hand that organized people can move mountains, but plenty of hard work goes into making that happen.

Second, effective organizing conveys bold ideas to everyday people. The NDP, after all, is the party of medicare, public pensions, workplace rights, and human rights. These were radical ideas in their time. We must continue this legacy in our party today. 

But let’s face it: modest ideas have dominated the NDP in recent years. The Liberals outflanked us in recent federal and Ontario elections by posing as progressives, while doing little. They won 27,000 votes in the 2014 Ontario Election in Ottawa Centre.

Inspired by the legacy of Jack Layton, and the more recent campaigns of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, we can and must do better.

Our party must champion bold ideas, knock on every door in Ottawa Centre, and appeal to others to join our movement. That is the strategy chosen by #Harden4ONDP, and it is our path to victory in 2018.

Let’s build this movement together. Join us!

My very best,

Joel Harden

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