Joel Harden here, I'm running to be your Ontario NDP MPP in Ottawa Centre. I've lived in Ottawa since 2007, and my hometown is nearby Vankleek Hill, Ontario.

I am not your typical politician. We need less ego and more action in politics. I’m inspired by the boldness of our grandparents’ generation that won medicare, and today’s community movements working for transformative change. I’m a dad, a fighter, and a believer in bold ideas and local organizing.

Like Valérie Plante, the new Mayor of Montreal, I’m a community organizer. For 20 years, I’ve built grassroots campaigns that get results. I designed the campaign that won the expansion of the Canada Pension Plan in 2016. I was part of the successful campaign against the Energy East pipeline, and I’ve helped energy workers fight for green jobs.

We need bold ideas in Ontario. Pharmacare and dental care for everyone. Taking hydro back in to public hands. Building more affordable housing and protecting renters' rights. A debt-free start for all students. Serious action to address climate change. Affordable and high-quality childcare. Ending hallway medicine, and fixing long-term care. An end to all forms of discrimination.

It's time to demand more from politics. By supporting our campaign on June 7, you're voting for a more fair, green, caring, just, and livable city and province. This campaign is about us, and building the strength of us. As your candidate, I will help make that happen. Let’s do it together.

My very best,

Joel Harden