Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario


  • Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 05:00 PM
    Office of Joel Harden in Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Ontario Autism Program

    Parents are concerned about the Ford Government's recent changes to the Ontario Autism Program and we have heard your concerns. MPP Monique Taylor, who is the Official Opposition Critic for Children and Youth Services has been advocating strongly for parents and families. Click here to see what Monique has been on. 

    What can you do? 

    We have a petition calling on the government to support Ontario families with Autism. The text of the petition states:


    • WHEREAS every child with autism deserves access to sufficient treatment and support so that they can live to their
      fullest potential;
    • WHEREAS the Ontario Autism Program was badly broken under the Liberals, and the changes introduced by the
      Conservatives have made it worse;
    • WHEREAS the new funding caps are based on age and income, and not the clinical needs of the child;
    • WHEREAS Ontario needs a true investment in evidence-based autism services that meets the needs of autistic children
      and their families;

    WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to direct the Ministry of Children, Community
    and Social Services to invest in equitable, needs-based autism services for all children who need them.

    Click here to download the petition, share with your friends and neighbours to get their signatures and send to the address at the bottom or bring to our office at 109 Catherine St. 

    Community Round Table with Parents 

    We want to hear from parents on how these changes affect you and your families, and what we can do to support you. We are hosting an emergency round table with parents to get their feedback before the legislature resumes so we can take your concerns to the government. Register below for the round table.

  • Friday, April 26, 2019 at 07:00 PM through April 29, 2019

    Community Builders' Forum

    In a time of increasing challenges — like income inequality, social isolation, and climate change — we know that a strong, supportive community doesn’t happen by accident. It must be built by thoughtful people doing compassionate work.

    Community builders shelter the homeless, and run housing coops, food coops, or harm reduction programs. Community builders volunteer for their union, their faith community, or their local schools and hospitals. They run businesses that give back to our city, and empower local folks.

    Without community builders, Ottawa would not be the special place it is. As the MPP for Ottawa Centre, I want to encourage a culture of community organizing, and we will do this by sharing organizer skills with you.

    Join us April 26th to 28th to learn new skills, meet local organizers and help our collective strength to make change. Register below!