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Use the letter template below to let your MPP & Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney know that you support better protections for Vulnerable Road Users. Feel free to personalize this letter, but be sure to include your name and address at the bottom of the letter! Find your local MPP's contact info here.

Dear Premier Ford, Minister Mulroney and [insert local MPP here],  

I am writing to ask for your support to pass MPP Joel Harden’s Private Member’s Bill, The Moving Ontarians Safely Act.

Every year, thousands of accidents happen involving drivers who injure or kill a pedestrian, cyclist or road worker. Drivers involved in these accidents often only walk away with small fines, and little to no action is taken to prevent further accidents.

For decades governments in Ontario have been failing to adequately legislate protections for pedestrians, even as death tolls continue to rise. We have an obligation to protect our most vulnerable road users and we can use a restorative justice approach to do so.

That is why I support The Moving Ontarians Safely Act. If passed, penalties would apply to all driving offences under the Highway Traffic Act that result in the death or serious injury of a vulnerable road user. 

The penalties introduced by the bill include:

  • community service;

  • license suspension;

  • driver re-education;

  • requirements for culpable motorists to attend court for sentencing and to hear victim impact statements.

Every single incident involving the injury or death of a vulnerable road user is a tragedy; pedestrians, road workers and cyclists deserve better protection.

I am urging you to support better protections for Vulnerable Road Users in Ontario, by voting in favour of The Moving Ontarians Safely Act


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