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Joel Harden

MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

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As your Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa Centre, our MPP office is committed to representing constituent issues at Queen's Park, amplifying local voices and community organizing, supporting our neighbours navigate provincial services and much more. 

Connect with us over phone or email if you need assistance or want to join us in our fight for a better Ontario, where everyone can live their fullest lives. 

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May 5, 2021

Letter to Minister Clark on Construction Noise

Non-essential construction is hurting constituents' mental health and putting workers at risk. I'm asking the government to pause residential construction until after the stay-at-home order is lif... More
April 21, 2021

MPP Joel Harden, disability rights advocates call on government to remove disability discrimination from triage protocol

QUEENS PARK —MPP Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre) called on the government to withdraw disability discrimination from Ontario’s clinical triage protocol and immediately hold a public consultation on how... More
April 13, 2021

Government's triage protocol needs public consultation and must respect disability rights

QUEEN’S PARK –  MPP Andrea Horwath and MPP Joel Harden said that as ICUs struggle to provide care for a rising number of people in critical condition, the provincial government must hold open consu... More