Day of Action on Affordability

With a rising cost of living and a government that puts the priorities of the rich and powerful before people, communities across Ontario are struggling.

From corporate food giants like Loblaws driving up the prices of groceries to greedy landlords and real-estate speculators making housing unaffordable and unobtainable for so many in our community.

From big polluters like Enbridge gouging Ontarians to healthcare that you pay for with your credit card instead of your health card.

Everything in Ontario is more expensive and we've had enough of it.

Join us on March 16th for a Day of Action on Affordability, with a special focus on public transit.

OC Transpo Fares are higher than they've ever been, but the service is unreliable and inaccessible for far too many of our neighbours. Instead of increasing the frequency of bus trips to make the system more reliable, we've seen a reduction of 74,000 service hours.

Now is the time to take transit seriously, and invest in this critical public service.

Join us at one or all of the events below to take action

Day of Action Events

There are currently no events scheduled. Be sure to check back soon!

Fund Transit Now!

Will you sign?

Download a PDF version of this petition here.

WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic and financial challenges brought by Bill 23 have left public transit agencies in Ontario in desperate need of funding and support.

WHEREAS new polling from EKOS finds that 82 percent of Ontarians want the province to provide more public transit funding.

WHEREAS many of our neighbours rely on transit to get where they need to go and cannot afford longer wait times or higher fares, but the Ontario Government Ontario has not made the necessary investments to address the ongoing fiscal challenges facing local transit agencies.

Add your name to demand that the Ontario Provincial Government immediately invest $750M in transit operations, fund 50% of municipalities net operational costs and give public transit agencies the support needed to stop the transit death spiral of less service and higher fares.


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