We're building a movement, and we're thrilled to be joined by incredible leaders from our community and beyond.

Maude Barlow, environmental leader and author

"I am so happy to endorse Joel Harden in the upcoming election. As a resident of the “red zone” during the convoy occupation, I deeply appreciated his tireless work supporting the local community from the bullying, harassment and intimidation of the “truckers.” Joel stands for - and fights for - all the issues I care about: working people, justice and equality, and the environment. Joel is passionate about protecting the climate and knows that to do so, we must protect our green spaces and waterways. Joel is above all, a builder of communities. He has been an outstanding MPP and has earned the right to return to Queen’s Park to represent Ottawa Centre."

Shawn Menard, City Councillor for Capital Ward

“The movements that Joel helped start still exist today, and still thrive. Joel knows the importance of showing up and why you need to keep showing up. He showed up at Queen’s Park day after day advocating for a LRT inquiry — and he got it. Joel got it done.”

Larry Rousseau, Executive Vice President of the Canadian Labour Congress

"I am pleased and happy to see my friend and former colleague, Joel Harden, continuing his calling to serve the constituents of Ottawa-Centre" said Rousseau. "Joel has proven over the past four years his commitment to all residents and not just those who voted for him, which is what a true Member of the Legislature must do. Joel's tenacity in tackling core issues faced by marginalized and minority groups, and especially those requiring good quality public services including healthcare and long term care, not to mention specialized education - doing what he can to make our communities better places to live - is truly inspiring! Rousseau continued, stating "I am looking forward to do my civic duty and vote, and I hope all residents of Ottawa-Centre who can vote will do so. I cannot think of a better candidate running in this election who deserves more to be re-elected to continue serving and representing the constituents of Ottawa-Centre!"

Kassandra Fugard, Graduate Student in Biology, Environmental Justice Activist

“We need leaders, like Joel, with a plan to take on the climate crisis. A plan with a government that holds themselves accountable, and puts people before profit. Joel understands the need for bold climate action to protect our local green spaces.”

Ariel Troster, City Council candidate for Somerset Ward

“I have known Joel Harden for over a decade. Joel is authentic and compassionate. He's part of the movements fighting for justice and a better life for all of us."


Joel is proud to be endorsed by CUPE Ontario, the Ottawa Carleton ETFO (The Ottawa Carleton Elementary Teachers' Federation), and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation!

Climate Justice Ottawa

We recognize the incredible work, proven track record, and strong principles of Joel Harden as a community organizer, champion of climate justice, and incumbent MPP for Ottawa Centre.

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