Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

Fight to Save Ontario

ICUs across Ontario and in Ottawa are overrun, and people with COVID-19 are laying in hospital hallways in agony. Without urgent support from the provincial government and powerful public health measures, more people will get sick and many will die. 

Premier Ford chose carding instead of paid sick days. He chose to shut down outdoor activity instead of shutting down non-essential workplaces. We have to undo the damage this is doing. We have to fight to save Ontario. 

We are fighting for a four-step plan at the Ontario Legislature that would: 

  • Give Ontarians paid sick days 
  • Give workers paid time off to get a vaccine 
  • Shut down non-essential workplaces 
  • Give impacted local businesses and workers a new package of financial supports

Read the full text of our urgent motions here.

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