Populus Resources

Here you will find everything you need to know about Populus! If you don't have a Populus account set up for you yet, please jump on our Discord chat and request one there by tagging @Team Leads


Sample campaign script with marking system

The Basics

Below you'll find instructions on how to do the basic tasks of data entry: logging in, entering data from a canvass, and adding new contacts.

🗳️Election Day Data Instructions [PDF]

✨Logging Into Populus for the First Time [PDF]

💻Entering Data from Canvasses [PDF]

➕Adding a Contact [PDF]

👥Overview of the Contact Profile Page [PDF]

How to Merge Duplicates [PDF]

🔎Basic and Advanced Search [PDF]

The More Advanced Stuff

Below you'll find some of the more administrative how-to documents. Don't be shy, we need everyone able to take a lead role.

🎯Selecting Contacts with Target Criteria [PDF]

🔄Generating Reports [PDF]

🖨️Printing Canvass Sheets [PDF]

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