Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

Weekly COVID Updates

COVID Update #55: It's time for Voula's Law

  Next week I’m headed to the Legislature, and top of mind for me is Motion 129, a Private Members Motion we’ve put forward for debate. We’re calling the motion “Voula’s Law”.  Voula’s La... More

COVID Update #54: The Premier's mask drops

  Friend, I was there, I saw it up close.  Under questioning from Andrea Horwath, the Leader of Ontario’s Official Opposition, Premier Ford resorted to an old tactic: mocking and insultin... More

COVID Update #53: Paid sick days are a step towards racial justice

  Next week, I’m headed to Toronto as the Ontario Legislature resumes.  At the very first moment, the Official Opposition will put forward nine bills & motions for unanimous consent. ... More

COVID Update #52: "Wreck-onciliation" at City Hall

  Our MPP office takes reconciliation work seriously.  For that reason, we begin our public events by acknowledging we are guests on Algonquin territory. These words are important, but to... More

COVID Update #51: Bell, let’s talk about how you profit from prisoners and their families

This week, the annual #BellLetsTalk campaign is top of mind.  It is good that one of Canada’s largest companies raises money for mental health programs, and creates space for discussion of this cru... More

COVID Update #50: Building a mass movement for disability rights

Earlier this week, I received heartfelt pleas from people with disabilities on social media.  Folks were upset that the Province of Ontario had announced emergency help for equine (horse, mule, don... More