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Government of Ontario

Weekly COVID Updates

COVID Update #71: "Yumnah’s walls", a community project to stop Islamophobia

Last week we wrote about taking action to support our Muslim neighbours. Motivated by that idea, today we write about a community project to stop Islamophobia.  It is inspired by Yumnah Afzaal, the... More

COVID Update #70: Beyond thoughts and prayers

Last week we grieved a horrific discovery at the site of a residential school, and what it told us about Canada’s violent, colonial roots.  This week we are stunned by another facet of Canadian vio... More

Email Update: 215 more reasons to end Canadian colonialism

Note: what follows is traumatic information. Those with direct or family experience with Indian Residential Schools can contact this helpline: 1-866-925-4419. Canadians are reeling after horrifying... More

Email Update #68: What kind of schools do we want to re-open?

This week our office has been flooded with appeals to open schools.  As a parent myself, I get it: kids are suffering, and parents are stressed out. Schools should be the first to open, and the las... More

Email Update: From splash pads to tennis courts, fighting back makes a difference

Canadians, for the most part, are rule followers. For most things in life, that makes sense.  Taking your turn and waiting in line offer valuable life lessons. Such patience has been important in o... More

COVID Update #66

Ontario has oscillated between cycles of “lockdowns” for over a year during COVID-19, while lives and livelihoods have been lost.  But think of what life would be like in a permanent state of actua... More

COVID Update #65: It's time for justice in long-term care

  Every morning I walked into work this week, I thought of a personal support worker coming off a night shift somewhere at a long-term care (LTC) home.  Why? Because the report from Ontar... More

COVID Update #64: there is no police solution to the opioid crisis

On April 23rd, Carl Reinboth, a harm reduction worker at the Somerset West Community Health Centre, was tragically killed while walking to a local business.  His death appears to be ra... More

COVID Update #63

Premier Ford is a danger to Ontario, and we must organize for better. The good news is we have fought back, and it has made a difference. In fact, we’ve seen three victories in the las... More

COVID Update #62: Government should stop pointing fingers, and start pointing thumbs

I’m predisposed to skepticism with everything the Ford Government does, but even loyal Tories must be shaking their heads this week.  Everything going wrong is apparently someone else’s fault. I’ve... More