Screen_Shot_2017-08-11_at_9.33.04_AM.pngJanet Fraser, President, Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

Joel Harden has my enthusiastic support for the nomination as our NDP candidate in the next provincial election. I have worked with Joel for many years both at the Ottawa District Labour Council and in grassroots organizing in our community. Joel’s knowledge and commitment to our struggle for a more equitable province and to the NDPs core values is impressive. 

Joel makes time to support on the picket line, at protests and rallies, and to organize forums so others become involved. I have witnessed first hand Joel’s work ethic and energy and his ability to remain positive and proactive even in the face of huge, sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges. More than all of this I admire Joel’s always respectful way of dealing with both friend and opponent.

As a resident of this riding and a long time NDP supporter it is offensive to know that we have been represented for almost a decade by a Liberal MPP who neither understands nor cares about the problems facing the people of our riding and indeed our province. It is time for us all to again work together to unseat the Liberals and take back our riding.

In Joel Harden, we will present to Ottawa Centre a candidate who cares about equity in all its guises, including equity through economic reform to distribute the riches of our province to all citizens. Joel Harden is my candidate for the next NDP candidate in Ottawa Centre, a candidate with whom I will be proud to campaign.
Screen_Shot_2017-08-11_at_9.42.06_AM.pngAdnan Ghadie, former taxi driver activist, UNIFOR 1688.

The first time I met Joel on our picket line I knew we would be lifelong friends. He was extremely supportive and at times brought food and coffee, most importantly he brought hope.

​Without hope one doesn't have much in life. Most aspiring politicians care about their current and post careers and that's what differentiates Joel from the rest. Compassion is one of his strongest qualities, caring and helping those in need of assistance.

​Everyone on this earth has a calling and spends a lifetime trying to discover it. Joel Harden was born for this position, it's his destiny to be a man for the people. 

Screen_Shot_2017-08-11_at_9.38.46_AM.pngSteve Beauchene, Co-Founder and CEO, Beau's Brewery 

Growing up in Vankleek Hill, you get to know people a little bit more intimately than other places, because the town is small. Joel's Mom was my music teacher. His brother and I were billeted together on school trips. And Joel was someone I admired from an early age, because he spoke with conviction and took a stand when it mattered.

He made waves while he was in high school, for being an outspoken activist, while the rest of us were just trying to figure out how to pass our classes. And when you know someone not just through your own interactions with them, but also through their family and their impact in your small town, you get a very true sense of their character. Here's what I know about Joel: he's one of the best. 

I've had the pleasure of watching Joel's career, and what has always struck me, is that he has developed and grown into a wise and thoughtful adult, and he has managed to keep his youthful ideals intact. Joel believes strongly that we as a society can do better, and he is willing to roll up his sleeves to achieve change. He is also a compassionate person, a dedicated father, and an enthusiastic friend. He takes a genuine interest in others and has a strong sense of empathy. His numerous successes speak to his drive as an individual and the quality of his work. 

I'm lucky to count Joel as a friend and the town of Vankleek Hill is proud of his accomplishments.

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