A Livable Ottawa

We want safe, affordable and quality housing in Ottawa and across Ontario. Last year, the vacancy rate in Ottawa fell from 3% to just 1.7%. We have a shortage of affordable housing, and that needs to be urgently addressed.

To do this, we need an MPP who’ll stand up for tenants, not big developers. Joel will work to strengthen renters’ rights, and expand affordable housing in Ottawa.

The ONDP is committed to real inclusionary zoning, where up to 30% of new residential developments must be set aside for affordable housing as experts recommend. Development should be about improving your neighbourhood, not pricing you out of it.

An ONDP government will fund much-needed repairs to social housing. It will also create more affordable housing, including investing in social and co-op housing.

We need real rent control that prevents landlords from raising the rent by as much as they want after a unit becomes vacant. We also need landlord licensing to protect tenants. Joel will advocate for both of these measures at Queen’s Park.