A Green Ottawa

Joel imagines an Ottawa with free public transit, solar panels on schools and community centres, green homes and buildings, accessible walkable streets, expansive cycling infrastructure, and ready access to healthy, affordable food.

An ONDP government will help us get there. We will bring Hydro One back into public ownership to lower bills and grow renewable energy sources. We will match municipal transit funding on a 50/50 basis, improving service and reducing fares. We will introduce a comprehensive food and water strategy, promoting access to nutritious food and clean water for all.

Joel is opposed to the expansion of Highway 417, which will only bring more pollution, with no evidence of reducing congestion. He will fight for green construction jobs through an ambitious retrofitting program of Ottawa Community Housing and older market rental homes.

Joel will push for government to lead through example by prioritizing solar panels on public institutions, community and low income housing, and in Indigenous communities. This will lower hydro bills, fight climate change, and create good green jobs.