A Fair Ottawa

After decades of mismanagement, Ontario is the most unequal province in Canada.

Two Ontario billionaires, David Thomson and Galen Weston Sr., have as much wealth as 11 million Canadians. Mayo Schmidt, the CEO of Hydro One, earns $4.4 million per year while many struggle to pay energy bills.

Ottawa can be fair for all, but only if Ontario becomes fair. And that is only possible if we ask the wealthiest among us to pay their fair share in taxes. We can’t afford to shower public sector CEOs with millions of dollars when front-line staff have endured years of wage freezes and so many people go without prescription drugs, safe and affordable housing, or decent child care.

Greater tax fairness and limiting executive compensation in the public sector can fund major investments in our deteriorating public services, and help to reduce inequality. We can eliminate tuition fees, end homelessness, and build affordable housing with better tax priorities. In doing so, we can create a fairer Ontario where no one is left behind.

When it comes to treating public money with respect, Joel will lead by example. If elected, he will allocate that portion of his MPP salary exceeding the average wage in Ottawa Centre towards community organizing. This money ($50,000) will be invested in holding frequent town halls, and listening to voters.

A fair Ottawa includes fairness for workers. Joel and the ONDP will strengthen regulation of temp agencies, end all exemptions to the minimum wage, make it harder for employers to call long-time workers “contractors”, make it easier for workers to unionize, and bring in 10 days paid leave for survivors of domestic violence.