A Caring Ottawa

We want a caring Ottawa where everyone matters.

We deserve affordable, quality child care so parents don’t have to choose between caring for their children and earning a living. In Ottawa, parents pay an average of $1,000 a month while across the river in Gatineau they pay $179. Joel will fight for more affordable childcare spaces in our city, and a universal program that makes high-quality childcare accessible to all.

Joel and the ONDP will bring in universal pharmacare where everyone gets the medicine they need, and extend dental coverage to every Ontarian with our dental care for everyone plan.

We need to fix senior care so those who helped to build this country have dignity in retirement. We are facing a crisis of neglect and abuse in long-term care. It's time to take action by mandating minimum standards of daily care and launching a find-and-fix public inquiry.   

It’s time to end overcrowding in Ottawa’s hospitals, putting a stop to hallway medicine for good by reversing Liberal cuts.

It’s time to stand up for quality services and good jobs by taking our essential services, privatized by the Liberals, back into public hands, including at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

We need to make mental health care a priority, by creating a ministry devoted to mental health and addictions, as the ONDP has proposed.

The ONDP will invest in our classrooms, including more support for children with special needs. We will restore funding to post-secondary institutions, the most underfunded per student in Canada, convert loans to grants, and eliminate interest rates on student loans.